Technical Information

The technical information, parts included, and installation instructions are listed below.

Parts Included

Illustration of the components included

  • Rolled-up Door Curtain – The door is delivered as a rolled parcel with all of the components attached on the inside.
  • Side Rail Set – The left and right side rails are fastened to the wheels on the inside of the door.
  • Side Plate Set – The left and right side plates are fastened to the wheel on the inside of the door.
  • Side Pin Set – Two side pins are fastened to the side rails.

Steel Roll-Up Garage Door with Parts

Measuring the Opening

How to Measure a Door Opening Properly

  • Measure the Width of the Opening – Measure the width of the opening you want to close.

  • Measure the Opening Height – From the floor to the lintel, measure the opening height.

  • Measure the space from the lintel to the roof – 390mm from the lintel to the ceiling is required.

Steel Roll-Up Garage Door Measure

Installation Steps

How to Install a Door Properly

Install Guide Rails

Install Guide Rails

Make sure the rails are level and don't cut the straps.

Alignment of Curtain

Alignment of Curtain

Straps should not be cut. Place the door axle on the side plates.

Insert curtain into rails

Insert Curtain into rails

Cut the straps and feed the door into the rails, then bend the stoppers into place.

Set Spring Tention

Set Spring Tention

Adjust the spring tension until the door easily opens.

Make lock rod holes

Make lock rod holes

Make holes for lock rods in the rails.